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Punita Valambhia Interiors | Houston, Texas

My designer for the past twelve years is ONE OF A KIND!
PUNITA VALAMBHIA (PVI) is no “cookie cutter”, fad, of the moment designer.
She is wonderful at incorporating your beloved pieces into that pulled together look as though it all belonged together from the beginning of the project.
She can visualize the future space very quickly, as well as being up to date on new materials for remodeling and new construction projects.


Marsha Cross Beeson

What can I say about Punita? I LOVE HER!

I met Punita through an acquaintance in May 2015. I had a feeling for our very first phone conversation that we would be a great fit to remodel my kitchen. During our phone conversation, I told her what I would like to have, what I didn’t want and discussed other options that I was considering. I needed a designer that could work with me and let me know what was realistic. Punita came to my home and went through options, took measurements and made suggestions that I never even dreamed of. She truly is a visionary! Did I mention I LOVE HER!

Punita listened to my ideas, make suggestions, and came up with a perfect remodel plan for my home. I did not want to over improve my 50 year old home in a 60 year old neighborhood, but wanted to have a nice, updated, livable kitchen. Remodeling the kitchen would also require modifications to the den, living room, formal dining room, breakfast room, laundry room, half bath and entry hall, since they shared a joined floor space. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, Punita did for me was first class and perfect for me. From her vision, design, working with vendors for appliances, granite, tile, lighting, etc., Punita was prompt professional, competent, and a joy to work with. Did I mention I LOVE HER!

Since my remodeI, have five friends that Punita is currently or has worked with. I say “work with” and not for, because Punita truly wants her clients to have the home they want and that works for them. Each one of my friend’s home has Punita’s personal touch catered just for them. The four homes that have been completed are completely different and equally a beautiful. I can honestly say that all four of us LOVE HER and now consider her our friend. Punita’s work speaks for itself!

Mary Fleming

Punita was/is a wonderful person to work with. She is very calm and not demanding in presenting her ideas. Punita will listen to you and work with you to accomplish the best designs for your home or business. She is a person that will protect you when working with the contractor and picking out items to complete the design. My husband and I enjoyed her bright sunny personality. I will definitely use Punita on my next home project.

Katie B.

Punita is a joy to work with! She truly listened to my ideas and incorporated them into a beautiful remodel of my baths. She is very creative and worked well with the contractor. Her guidance in making selections was extremely helpful and tactfully done. Her sense of color is impeccable! I highly recommend her .

Jan Cobb

Punita Valambhia is the ultimate professional! Our project was a complete tear-out, and thanks to Punita’s skill and imagination, it has evolved into the space we had hoped for. Her knowledge and experience were our trusted guide to the selection of hardware, appliances, countertops, fixtures and lighting. Her imagination in rearranging walls and appliances were key to eliminating wasted space and extending countertops to give the impression of additional square feet in the area! Color and paint were skillfully added to an area to blend and/or match existing color, thanks to her practiced eye. Punita’s relationship with the building contractor and cabinet trim contractor helped accomplish a smooth project.

We highly recommend Punita for any project of any scope. She is highly qualified by both formal education and experience. Unlike others we have worked with in the past, she is punctual, efficient, available, and goes above and beyond to accommodate her client. And she is a joy to work with!

Barbara Nethery

We have completed several projects working with Punita and are happy to provide a review of her Interior Design business. We have worked together on many projects since 2011 and I know that she has made many clients very happy with the results she has achieved. She is always wears a big smile and you can tell she loves helping people make their homes more comfortable and beautiful. She is very thorough and manages her projects very well.

Creative Style Furniture, Inc. Colleague | Creative Style Furniture, Inc.

Punita’s expertise in space planning is unparalleled and her grasp of colors is beyond compare. I met Punita through Houzz as I was looking for a guide and an interior designer to help me with our home remodel. Punita surpassed my expectations at various levels, truly a designer who works hard to help your home reflect your personality in all aspects, be it spatial flow, colors, fixture selection et. al. She has an uncanny ability to resolve issues seamlessly and keep things under control (and there were many on our project). Be it streamlining hiccups or facilitating items from her support team of vendors.
My definition of skill is when one does superlative work within constraints, financial or otherwise. Punita meets that criteria in hordes.
An involved and a passionate designer that puts clients needs first. I would unhesitatingly recommend Punita for helping you build/remodel your dream home. Punita helped me build mine.

Tejal Shah

I have used Punita repeatedly over more than ten years. She’s my go-to interior designer, whatever the project. We’ve worked together on projects ranging from small remodels, to a complete gut (down to the studs) and all new finishes in a classic River Oaks home, to commercial office build-outs up to 20,000 square feet. Punita has a fine eye for texture, scale, complementary finishes, and especially color. She is skilled at figuring out how much her clients want to direct vs. be led, and making a valuable contribution at any point along that continuum. Punita is a virtuoso at identifying creative final touches to spark just the right feeling in a room. I recommend her and look forward to working with her again on my next project.

George Hagel