Punita Valambhia Interiors / Houston Interior Designer

Houston Interior Designer with Visual Unity

Punita Valambhia is a Houston Interior Designer.  She established an independent design firm in 2005. Punita Valambhia, the principal at Punita Valambhia Interiors, is dedicated to serving her clients. Her objective is to accomplish the utmost in personalized interiors. She believes in design excellence filled with optimism and passion, with a focus on client’s needs. To form a connection, a three dimensional expression, she purposes to integrate all elements of one’s individual point of view.  She combines personal items, heirlooms, furnishings, and collections.  Using color and texture, these items are fused with grace and beauty in the space. Her ability to achieve a timeless feel to all spaces by highlighting visual unity, while keeping a clean balance, is one of her strong design skills.

An inspiration to her has been Elsie de Wolf, whose summary   principles of “simplicity, suitability and proportion” characterize her approach to creating the beautiful, functional, and “classic elegance” spaces she achieves for her clients.

Punita Valambhia Houston Interior Designer
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